Map of Panajachel, showing location of Spanish School Jabel Tinamit - Click for larger version
Panajachel and the Lake Atitlan in panaroma - what a place!
Local women about their business in Panajachel
It's Fiesta time in Panajachel at the Lake Atitlan beach - - learning Spanish in Guatemala is fun!
Travel by local bus to Chichi, Antigua and Atitlan villages (or use a private microbus)

Spanish School Jabel Tinamit is located in the heart of Panajachel, 147 km from Guatemala City. Panajachel, population just 5000, is on the shore of Lago de Atitlan, one of the world's most spectacular natural environments. From the beach, a few minutes walk from our school, you can see no less than three towering volcanoes: Vulcan San Pedro, Vulcan Toliman and, the highest at 3537m, Vulcan Atitlan.
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People from all over the world come to study Spanish in Panajachel. They also come to enjoy the local culture, the food, the bars and, not least, the splendour of the Lago Atitlan.
Living in Panajachel are Guatemalans of indigenous and Spanish descent. Cakchiquel and Tzutuhil Mayans, from the villages that surround the lake, sell all manner of handicrafts in the main street. At the weekends the population swells as visitors from Guatemala City come to relax and get away from it all.

The town always has a bustling atmosphere so there's never a dull moment. We're sure you will enjoy your stay in Pana whether it's just a week or even for a year.

Lake Atitlan, an artist's impression showing the 3 volcanoes as the backdrop: magnificent!


New location for our school from October 2009
Our brand new school is right in the centre of Panajachel very near the main Church. From the main bus stop (which is at the cross roads of Calle Principal and Calle Santander & Avenida de Los Arboles) walk up Avenida de Los Arboles for 2 minutes and we are located just inside the entrance to Callejon Las Armonias, on the right hand side. Please visit this location rather than our previous address (on Calle Santander) which you may find listed on other websites and in guide books. For a street map

Come and enjoy studying in our beautiful garden. We have a variety of plants, tropical flowers, and fruit trees, like avocado, mandarin, lemon, nectarine, papaya, jocote, organge and a particular and colorful fruit called pitaya that you can find on the roof of our terrace.

Free WIFI is available to all students. We have a library where you an find several books to read in Spanish, including information about Guatemala and many other subjects.

We have online classes with the best technological equipment and highspeed internet to provide excelent service for long distance learning.

Great places to visit near Panajachel

There are many nearby places to visit, all possible in a single day although you may wish to stay longer. These include:

whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)San Lucus Toliman - a lakeside village in a coffee growing area, it has a traditional market 4 days of the week and is accessible by both bus and boat.

whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Santiago Atitlan - on the far side of the lake, the women of this traditional town weave colourful cloth whilst many of its inhabitants still revere a local Mayan god. The one hour boat trip from Panajachel to the base of the volcanoes is an experience that will not be forgotten.

whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)San Pedro La Laguna - Also on the far side of the lake, this town not only offers insight into the lives of indigenous Guatemalans but is 'base camp' for hiking to the summit of Volcan San Pedro.

whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Highland villages - To the north of Panajachel, in the highlands, are three traditional Mayan villages untouched by tourism. For more details

whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Antigua - 80km from Panajachel, Antigua is a beautiful colonial town with a majestic central square (Parque Central) and cobbled streets. It also has three volcanoes in its vicinity one of which, Volcan Pacaya, remains active to this day!

whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Quetzaltenango - 99 km from Panajachel, Quetzaltenango rests in a mountain valley at over 2300m and is Guatemala's second city. The centre of the city is dominated by the open space and impressive colonial buildings of the Parque Centroamerica. Nearby sights include mountain villages and thermal baths.

Mayan villagers in the highlands north of Panajachel