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Students may use our FREE WIFI throughout the school - Spanish School Jabel Tinamit, Panajachel, Guatemala
You will receive a very warm welcome at Spanish School Jabel Tinamit, Panajachel, Guatemala


We know there are a few questions that you may be thinking about. Just click a category below and the page will jump you to the FAQ answers.

Feel free to contact us if you don't find what you need here.



whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)What is the address of your Spanish school?
The school has moved to a new location (from late September 2009) in the heart of Panajachel town (Guatemala). For our address and a printable street map showing the location of JABEL TINAMIT, please
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Can I change my teacher if we don't get along?
Of course, you can change your teacher.

whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Can I start my classes any day of the week?
Yes, just come a day before and to sign up and start the following day.

whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Do I pay when I arrive?
We have several options, pay when you are here in US dollars, Quetzales, Credit Card or pay in advance a deposit with your credit card or paypal.

whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Is there extra fee if I use my credit card?
A 5% surcharge is added to credit card payment due to VISA-Mastercard and other cards processing fee.



whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)What clothes do I need to bring to Panajachel?
As it can get a little chilly in the mornings and evenings we suggest that you bring a pair of long trousers and a jacket.
  Normally the weather is betweek 60 to 70 fahrenheit.
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Do I need to pack an umbrella?
In the wet season (see Weather FAQs) an umbrella is useful. You can bring your own or buy an umbrella in the town for a few dollars.



whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)What do I need to bring with me for a homestay?
The only thing you need to pack is a towel. Your host family in Panajachel will provide bedding, pillows and sheets.
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Will I have my own bathroom or share with the host family?
Normally the family will have two bathrooms, one for them and one set aside for the use of students. So you will only share if there is another student staying with the family. A hot shower will be provided.

Also, for students who really want a private bathroom, it is possible and the cost per week is $125 dollars.
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Can my host family provide vegetarian or vegan meals?
Yes, please include your requirements in the Online Booking form and your Homestay host family will be happy to provide meals that meet your requirements.
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)May I swap my hosts if I feel I need to try another family?
Yes, for sure, you can change to another Homestay family as it's very important that you feel comfortable where you are living.
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)How far from the Spanish school are the host families?
Our host families are very near to us, between just 1 and 15 minutes walking from the school. And it's even quicker if you hire a bicycle.
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Can you place me with a family with/without children?
Yes, we have families with and without kids. If you have a preference just let us know.


whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)What's the weather like in Panajachel?
Have a look at these average max/min temperatures and rainfall charts for Panajachel. You'll see that we have nice warm days with cool evenings. It can be chilly first thing in the morning. When it rains it really rains! But it's dry from December through to March.

Monthly temperatures & rainfall in Panajachel Guatemala



whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)How can I pay for my classes?
We accept payment in:
- cash in local Quetzales, US Dollars.
- credit and debit cards from Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club, and Cirrus
You may pay for your classes weekly or, if you prefer, you may pay for your whole course when you arrive. A 3% surcharge is added to credit card payment due to VISA-Mastercard and other cards processing fee.
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Are there ATM machines in Panajachel?
Yes, there are several ATMs in Panajachel. Together they accept VISA, Mastercard, CIRRUS and Maestro.
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)
Are there any Banks nearby?
Yes, there are several banks in Panajachel. Two are open 7 days a week. Banks in Guatemala will only exchange US Dollars and Euros into local Quetzales.



whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)What vaccinations do I need when visiting Guatemala?
We recommend that you take advice about vaccinactions and other health matters from an official medical source in your own country. You may also wish to look at the health information for travellers given by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the USA. Health Information for travellers to Guatemala from the US Government
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Are there any Pharmacies in Panajachel?
Yes, there are many Pharmacies in Panajachel town, some very near to the School.
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Are there any Doctors in Panajachel?
Yes, there are a number of Doctors in Panajachel, one speaks English. In the event that you needed to see a Doctor we would, of course, assist you.
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)What about Chiropractors and Dentists?  
Yes, we have both Chiropractors and Dentists in Panajachel.



whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Are there local supermarkets?
Yes, there are several supermarkets in the town, plus the Central Market. You will find it possible to buy just about anything you might want in Panajachel.
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Is it easy to find a restaurant?
Yes, there are many restaurants in Calle Santander and the surrounding streets. Offering a wide range of styles and prices, you will certainly enjoy eating out in Panajachel.



whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Are there hotels & hostels near the Spanish school?
Yes, Panajachel offers a wide range of places to stay from budget hostels to international standard hotels with swimming pools.



whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Can I use the Internet at the school?
Yes and we have laptop for students. FREE WIFI if you have your own laptop, a smart phone, tablet, etc.



whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Can you tell me more about Guatemala?
Three great websites with which to start your research into our country are:
- INGUAT - Guatemalan Tourist Service .
- Guatemala Web.
- Revue Magazine.