We are absolutely sure Volunteering in Guatemala will be a very inspiring experience





When you study at Spanish School Jabel Tinamit there are many exciting volunteering opportunities that we can arrange for you. We work with several sector organizations like "Forjando Mi Mañana" (Forma Guatemala, part of Jabel Tinamit Social Projects). You will make a final decision about volunteering when you arrive in Panajachel - it is then that you can really see the options and make a final decision on the suitability of the program.

If you are interested, when you book your spanish lessons, please tick yes to "Would you like to Volunteer?". We will then contact you to discuss a suitable placement that will fit with your Spanish lesson schedule. At any time, any of our student who decided they are interested in volunteering option may contact us by email at info@jabeltinamit.com and we will give you extra information about how you can help.

Asociación "Forjando Mi Mañana" Forma Guatemala and Friends of Forma partnering with Spanish School Jabel Tinamit

You are welcome to participate at the Learning Centers in Rural Areas created by Jabel Tinamit Spanish School in partnership with Forma Guatemala, Conexions and Friends of Forma in the rural areas around Panajachel. You can volunteer by teaching English for beginners, intermediate or advanced students, playing with kids, and helping local tutors. We are absolutely sure you will have a very inspiring experience.

Access to books is the first barrier to many Guatemalan children. It is even more difficult for students in the rural areas to have access to books. Rural areas in Guatemala are the most disadvantaged in the Guatemalan Educational system.

Most of the rural schools lack books, technology, and the infrastructure for smooth operations. Because of this, children grow up in a very small world with little knowledge about their rights, and opportunities, it limits their academic training and thus stunts their human potential development.

Due to all these barriers, Forma Guatemala promotes the establishment of a learning center program in the rural area of Sololá, in the Atitlan region. This is not only to establish a library with books and computers but also we have created a reading program. This program encourages the habit of reading in children, adolescents and potentially an adult literacy program. We believe that a population of readers is a population prepared to confront the challenges of modern life: To open a book is to open a window to the world.

Target population - Children 3 to 15 years old in rural areas of Sololá

How it works - The day available for the reading program is on Saturday; we are looking for someone who can sponsor a girl working for half a day, every day, to work for the library. At the moment three groups of children are organized according to their age and each group has two tutors. These tutors are volunteers. They are young people with the spirit of helping and collaborating. The children get a nutritional snack at the end of the class reading. Since all beginnings are difficult, it is necessary to motivate them by giving them a small prize after reading 5 books and passing a reading evaluation. This prize has to be something of value for everyone - we want to give a prize of a plant, any plant, but preferably a fruit plant so it can have ongoing meaning for his or her life, to to help their family too.

To carry out this program we need your generous donation which you can do by PayPal or a personal check. Also, you can help by donating needed items:

whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Volunteer teacher
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Books for children any age in Spanish
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Note books
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Pencils
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Pens
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Games like puzzles, dominoes, etc.
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Toothpaste and toothbrush (we promote hygiene)
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Crayons
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Any other material to create handicrafts
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Sweaters or jackets, and any kind of shoes
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Computers are welcome to create computers labs as the children need to develop these skills.

It has been verified by this program that a child who reads can share what they learn with their parents who are illiterate and thus help cultivate critical thinking and empowerment. This is aimed at training future leaders and therefore an egalitarian society.

Impact of this program

whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Better educated children in literature.
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Children and young people better prepared for the urban area and various challenges of life.
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Better use of time
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Children and young people with diverse skills and abilities
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Children and youth with critical thinking skills
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Better school grades
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Children and young people with a larger vision
whitebulletsquarepurp.gif (65 bytes)Children and youth with a spirit of cooperation and solidarity

For more information about Forma Guatemala, please visit their website -