Tropical Storm Agatha has been a disaster but our Spanish School and Panajachel town are
open as usual.

Tropical Storm Agatha turned the river in Panajachel Guatemala into a torrent
Tropical Storm Agatha caused much damage to the villages around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala
The high river casued by Tropical Storm Agatha opened a huge hole in Panajachel
The port area of Panajachel on Lake Atitlan after Tropical Storm Agatha

Tropical Storm Agatha

Tropical Storm Agatha, that struck Guatemala on Saturday 29 May 2010, has done much damage across the Guatemalan Highlands and the south of Guatemala City along the Pacific coast. However our Spanish School and Panajachel town are open for business as usual. We hope we will see you soon.

Panajachel has not been badly affected by Tropical Storm Agatha but there is considerable damage and loss of life in the villages around Lago de Atitlan. Other parts of Guatemala have also been affected such as the region around Esquintla which lies to the south of Guatemala City.
A landslide of mud, rocks and trees buried around 25 houses in the municipality of San Antonio Palopo on Lake Atitlan killing 18 people.
In the Pixabaj community, Solola region, some 22 houses were destroyed by a torrent of mud and water. Fortunately, local residents had been evacuated shortly before the disaster.

On Sunday, 30 May 2010, Tropical Storm Agatha was downgraded to a low pressure system.

Our Spanish Language School, in Panajachel, is open to all students and right now is when we need visitors because the economy of Lake Atitlan depends on tourism. The best way to help Lake Atitlan is by visiting the towns and villages and supporting the local economy.
Thank you very much!

Clean up in Santa Catarina Palopo, Lake Atitlan, after Tropical Storm Agatha